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Ondřej Kabrna & Flying Hammond

I have always loved the organ, both the classic one and the hammond. Having spent a few years with various simulations, I could finally afford to buy the original Hammond H100, which I then turned


Ondřej Kabrna & Flying Power

This is my newest band. You know, I want to play the hammond organ more and use the synthesizer I constructed (see section Jeane 2012). I just like colours and big dynamic twists and my current


Ondřej Kabrna & Flying Accordion

The accordion was my first instrument to take up serious classes of. I feel sorry that it is an instrument that is used in classical music a lot while not so much in jazz despite having its


Sólový koncert

Je pro mě vždy novou výzvou! ...and at the same time a bit stressful, but it´s always a new challenge. My first couple of jazz and classical solo concerts started around 1998, when I heavily


Jana Koubková kvartet

I have been playing with Jana since 2004 – in E.U. Band, Funk-Latin Friends and now in Jana Koubková Jazz Quartet. Apart from regular concerts in Prague and all over CR, we have played in Germany,


Radka Fišarová

It was a coincidence that helped me start working with Radka Fišarová. I do not know about any other Czech singer who has such an energy and feel for chanson music. Besides that, she can speak


Agharta Band

Adam Tvrdý is one of the most interesting Czech guitarists and is a leader of this progressive-jazz formation. It is a wild band not pretending to be modern jazzmen :-)) The repertoire is mainly


Chantal Poullain

There is no need to introduce this French woman who “cannot speak Czech”. She also does chansons. Since she is an excellent actress, her chansons are very good. Our cooperation has been lasting a


Kroutil Brothers

I have occasionally been playing with Peter for many years. He is an unbelievable singer, sax player, guitarist and entertainer in the good sense of the word. Apart from standard jazz, our repertoire


Zuzana Stirská and Gospel Time

Gosple Time of Zuzana Stirska is Czech,  essentially amateur choir. Zuzana Stirska, of course, is a professional singer (she started at well known Czech Semafor theatre) and gives it all power,


Český Národní Symfonický Orchestr

It is always a pleasure to play in one of the CNSO projects from time to time. :-)


Remembrance of Bora Kriz

Occasional meetings in Kladno and elsewhere, around the famous (and in my opinion still the best Czech) jazz accordionist Bora Kriz. I am glad that his former teammate Vít Fiala chooses me



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