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Jana Koubková kvartet

I have been playing with Jana since 2004 – in E.U. Band, Funk-Latin Friends and now in Jana Koubková Jazz Quartet. Apart from regular concerts in Prague and all over CR, we have played in Germany, Algeria, Morocco and some other countries. We sometimes play in trio or duo as well. The cooperation is reflected on CDs like “Jana Koubková and EUband – Live At Jazzclub“ and “Aby auto nepřejelo“ as well as in some shows of the Czech Radio and Czech Television. In 2009, on an occasion of Jana’s important anniversary, there were concerts at Prague Castle and Lucerna, which were made into the “Jazz na Hradě – Jana Koubková“ CD and into the Live in Lucerna DVD. Jana´s latest CDs are “Mýdlové bubliny“ and “A tak si jdu“. See more in the CD section and on: www.janakoubkova.cz




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