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Sólový koncert

Je pro mě vždy novou výzvou!

...and at the same time a bit stressful, but it´s always a new challenge. My first couple of jazz and classical solo concerts started around 1998, when I heavily imitated Keith Jarret (of course not perfectly but with some success).

Today I play according to a given theme – each concert is tailored to its place and time. I also like to improvise according to the audience´s wish and I try to present music which has no borders between jazz and classical style. For example on my 30th birthday you could hear Bach's Last Fugue, a mix of Gershwin, Ježek, Rachmaninov's Preludium, Ježek´s Toccata, some of my songs, Ravel´s La Valse and various improvisations according to my friends wishes.

In 2018 I ´ve played some concertos about 100 years of Czech Republic - it means, I played and improvized about Czech medieval music, music of The first republica etc... Some of it is on my youtube chanel... :-))






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