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5. November 2018

My main instrument today is the piano. I play it since childhood and it has stayed with me since.

I am also interested in the history of this instrument perhaps because I have had in my possession only older pieces. I love old pianos and if I could financially afford to, I would collect them. At one point, I owned 3 pianos which together were over 300 years old.

Accordion is another instrument that I have studied from very young. I have composed music for it and still play it today. In jazz it is used mainly as a solo instrument in bands but I also enjoy accompanying other musician with it. My heros are Richard Galiano and our own Bora Kriz. Sometimes I enjoy playing chansons, folk etc.

I also play  Arabishe Lute, but I am only beginner... :-)) I was three times in africa, great pleasure to play with marrocian lute virtuoso Mr. Majid Bekkas. So I started to play it... Arabishe music is so nice!! I love it!!

Jazz organ (Hammond) has developed to become my “curse“ in the course of time because like any other organ player I keep dealing with the sound since I cannot afford to buy Hammond B3... It was also one of the reasons why I started experimenting with electron tubes – see more in the workshop section. I currently have Hammond H100, which I am converting, but I often play the Numa organ, which is a fantastic digital simulation capable of handling a tram ride... I have constructed a second manual and a small pedal which has the same pitch as the classic Hammond one despite weighing only about 4 kg...

Apart from that, I also have the Elka X705 instrument and the French Dereux with an electrostatic generator (this is in fact the classic organ – see more in the workshop section). I mainly use the organ in my trio but I also record various things using it - see the CD section. As for the Hammond organ, I used to be a lot influenced by Eddie Louis and Joey de Francesco earlier. These days I am downloading a lot of improvisations of classic organ players – mainly those French ones like Pierre Cochereau and others. I am just seeking my own sound. To me, it is just a big pity that at least a half of world organ players have the very same sound while still thoughtlessly copying Jimmy Smith The greatest source of current organ inspiration to me is the American keyboardist Cory Henry.

Synthesizer and other keyboard toys … had meant no interest to me before. I have gradually become aware of what I mind concerning this. A lot of people have a synthesizer and can create the sound but not music while a lot of others are good musicians, yet they cannot play the synthesizer... In my view, only a few people are capable and competent either way - like the above-mentioned Cory Henry.

Thus, I do not strive to be one of the few and I take the substitution of classic instruments for the synthesizer as an atrocity. The completely other thing is the creation of new sound (which I cannot do at all) as well as old analoque electronic devices with an original sound. Some time ago I fell in love with one:

Ondes Martenot, or in other words the Martenot waves. Not as many as 400 these instruments were manufactured and nobody really knows how many of them still work. There is none in CR. Still, it is an irreplaceable instrument which was used by a lot of great composers of the twentieth century like my beloved Olivier Messiaen.

Anyway, I did want the Martenot although it is just unaffordable for a common person. Therefore, I decided to construct one myself. The viewer can see more in the workshop section. I called the instrument Jeanne2012 like the legendary player Jeanne Loriod. Here is the result and you can also listen to it in the video section...



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