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Tube Amplifiers

18. May 2019

This is my the first all tube power amplifier, it si 50W sinus, with 2xEL34 tube, but playing really bass, no lowcut (like normal guitar amps). So it is splecial for organs, fender etc...

The second all tube, it is 4xEL34, as that 50W it is built after schematics by Mr. František Hlava, Czech Republic, Kromeriz. It is bugger, for organ. There is schema, but I did some change... :-))

I wanted to try something different, so for my Leslie 760 (pictures) I built this amplifier. It is PushPull 100W, two  KT88 tubes, after Hashimoto, but lately I rebuilt as Hiwatt 100. I did also resistors break on 40W. Superb playing, nice schema, original hammond output transformer.. 

And last: after Hiwatt 200, so it is 200W sinus (250 with big distorsion), there are 4 x KT120, really powerfull...



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